Small Bathroom Basin

Are you planning to do some bathroom remodeling? If you think your current bathroom is too small, well, remodeling would be a great option since you can buy new bathroom fixtures that are designed to add more space. One of the fixtures you should consider buying is the bathroom basin. What you need to find is a small bathroom basin that is stylish, fashionable, functional, and most of all, space-efficient.

Shopping for a bathroom basin is fun since you have so many choices to choose from. There are different materials, patterns, textures, colors and styles. Picking the right one will take time but you have to be patient.  Your patience will be rewarded once you realize that you have made the right choice instead of wasting money from making the wrong one. To help you in choosing the right small bathroom basin, take a look at your choices here.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Before, bathroom basins were limited to ceramic and porcelain, which are still being sold today. Here are some characteristics of these types of bathroom basins.

  • They always come in white and they are quite bulky.
  • Ceramic and porcelain bathroom basins come in different colors and shapes.
  • You can even choose a vessel porcelain basin or a drop-in basin, depending on what you want for your bathroom.
  • Often, the shapes are unique and modern, giving bathroom basin a whole new twist.

Glass Vessel Basins

Glass basins have grown in popularity over the last few years. The first glass basins were made of frosted or clear glass but now, the glasses also come in different colors and patterns. Some glasses are purely black in color while you can also see white zebra print glass basins. Don’t worry about these glass bathroom basins because they aren’t fragile. They are created with extra thick glass so you can use them for many years to come.

Pedestal Basins

Since you are working with a small space, a pedestal basin is a good option for a small bathroom basin. The size of the basin is around 20 inches while the pedestal is thin and sleek. You can buy a ceramic-finished pedestal basin or a copper-finished one. Some people prefer to buy the corner pedestal sink because it saves a lot of space.

Wall-Mount Basins

If you have a narrow bathroom and don’t want to use any floor space, you can opt to install a wall-mount basin. They easily mount into the wall and make the bathroom look very spacious. Wall-mount basins will not give you any storage but they are very neat and elegant. This is a good choice for those with very small bathrooms.

With all these choices that you have, it is important to consider your budget when remodeling your bathroom. After all, you still have to change your walls, toilet bowl, bath and even lighting. Don’t remodel if you believe that your funds are not enough to purchase everything you want for your bathroom. It wouldn’t be wise to compromise the quality and look of your bathroom fixtures just for the sake of remodeling it.




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