Small Corner Basins

Sometimes, space can come at a premium. Some houses have only limited space and that is why smaller fixtures will have to be used. Luckily, there are small corner basins designed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens with small spaces. Just because your place is small does not mean you cannot have a kitchen or bathroom basin. The key is in maximizing space and employing the right techniques in designing the area. The good thing is that you can purchase miniature basins, which are comparably smaller in size than the average basin and can easily fit in your bathroom.

Choosing a Corner Basin

There are many considerations in choosing your corner basin. First is the type of installation required. Because you have limited space, you should consider if you would be installing a vanity basin, pedestal, vessel basin, or a drop-in basin. Next is the material of the basin. You have a lot of choices available ranging from stainless steel, glass, porcelain, copper, ceramic, vitreous china, fireclay, soapstone, and granite. Lastly, you need to consider the configuration of your faucet. You may opt to get a new set of faucets with your basin or simply recycle your old taps. Your choice should depend on your need, budget, and design.

Maximizing Space

Corner bathrooms often have a much smaller space compared to a full bathroom. But it can be maximized by installing one of those small corner basins. Pedestal type basins and the wall-mounted basins are often recommended. These types do not take up much space. The wall mount type makes the basin appear like it is floating while the pedestal type hides the plumbing lines in its base. Although there is not much room for storing items, these types of basins make the room feel more spacious than it actually is. You can make the bathroom more spacious and lavish by decorating it tastefully. You can also use an expensive basin made of granite or copper to offset the feeling of restriction inside.

Using Miniatures

Another alternative to maximizing bathroom space is by using miniature basins. This kind of basin measures no more than eighteen inches, and when mounted, it projects just twenty-one inches from the wall. Not only does a small corner basin fit your bathroom perfectly, it adds to its attractiveness, too.

Unusual Corner Basin

There are new, innovative, and modern small corner basins available. It is called “sink in a drawer”. This is ideal for bathrooms with really limited space. If legroom is affected when you are sitting on the toilet, putting a basin may not be such a great idea. But if you install the sink in a drawer type, the sink will only be visible if it is going to be used. This is an unusual solution to the limited space you have available but it serves its purpose quite well. You only have to choose the corner that has more space available and mount the basin on the flat surface of the wall.



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