Small Glass Basins

Modern houses and residences often have modern designs and fixtures. Examples of modern fixtures are small glass basins in the bathroom. Glass basins come in a variety of colors so the homeowner would surely not have a hard time finding one that fits his or her requirements. This type of glass basin may be quite pricey and expensive compared to ceramic and stainless steel basins. However, they are very durable, like the porcelain basins. In fact, glass basins will not break even if a heavy object is dropped into it. But as a homeowner, you need to make sure that you are paying for a quality piece of glass basin.

Vessel Type Basins

Vessel basins are usually made of glass, copper, or stone. These basins look like large bowls, placed on the vanity or counter.  Vessel basins can either be placed on top of the counter or it can also be counter-sunk. “Counter-sunk” means it is somewhat resting on the counter but a part of it still protrudes. A vessel basin is quite decorative, and it is often an eye-catching fixture that people will surely notice.

Small glass basins are usually seen in modern houses because there are many colors to choose from. Tempered glass is the most preferred type of glass because it can resist shattering and cracking. For this type of basin, always wipe it clean to avoid watermarks on the surface.

Bespoke Glass Basins

A modern product out in the market now is called the bespoke glass basin. These basins are made of textured glass. The texture in the glass minimizes the presence of watermarks and residue. These small glass basins are tough and durable. They can easily withstand temperatures of up to 60 degrees Centigrade. This type of glass basin comes in beautiful colors. The shapes of bespoke glass basins are round, square, rectangular, and circular. Since these glass basins are handmade, they can be quite expensive.

A square glass basin can cost up to $500. However, most wealthy homeowners do not consider the cost. The beauty of the glass basins in their bathroom is enough consolation for them.     

More Glass Basin Types

Apart from bespoke glass, there are still other types of glass basins available. One is the mosaic glass basin. This basin is bended at extremely high temperature in a process called annealing. The half-inch thick glass is decorated with colored glass pieces that are hand-cut. After the glass pieces are placed, the glass basin is treated with tinted cement and sand. Lastly, a coating of clear polymer is applied to make the surface smoother, and the end result is a sturdy, colorful, and easy to maintain small glass basin.

Another is the blown glass basin. This is yet another example of a handmade glass basin wherein the artist blows the hot glass into different shapes and sizes. At the beginning of the process, color is added already and thereafter, the glass layers are gathered at the end of a pipe or rod and are formed and shaped into a vessel type glass basin.   


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