Small Wall Mounted Basin

Having a small bathroom at home is tough especially if you have kids in the house. You probably don’t have enough space to store all your toiletries, as well as your hamper and towels. If remodeling is not an option for you, then what you can do is to simply change some of your bathroom fixtures to give the room more space. And since a toilet bowl is expensive, you might want to look into changing your wash basin instead.

Back in the days, bathroom basins were bulky and they all looked the same. They were made of ceramic or porcelain, and were available mostly in plain white color. Homeowners simply accessorized them with brass or stainless steel faucets and knobs to create an elegant look. But today, bathroom basins have upgraded in a very big way and homeowners are now given a variety of options when it comes to small bathroom basins.

Wall Mounted Basins

Since you are looking to add extra space in your bathroom, you can make this possible if you buy a small wall mounted basin.  They don’t take up any floor space because as the name suggests, they are simply mounted on the wall. Keep in mind however that wall mounted basins look elegant but they can also be a little fragile. Therefore, they are best for bathrooms that kids do not usually use.

Choices for Wall Mounted Basins

To enhance the look of your bathroom, you can buy a clear glass wall mounted basin with a small counter space that you can place in the corner. You can also buy matching wall mounted faucets from the same bathroom manufacturer. This style looks great for any bathroom, particularly those with limited space available.

You can also buy a small wall mounted basin with a built-in drawer. A good style to look for is a porcelain basin with a wooden drawer. The handle of the drawer has a nickel finish and there should be a matching nickel faucet, too. This style is very classy and elegant. Not to mention, it gives you extra storage that you can always use.

Space-Saving Wall Mounted Basins

Now if adding more space is really your ultimate objective, here are your options:

  • Your first option is a corner small wall mounted basin. The sink attaches on both sides so you can make good use of the corner space. If you want a little storage, you can add a corner cabinet. This bathroom look is tidy and neat, since it allows you to have more floor space to work with.
  • Another great space-saving small wall mounted basin is the floating glass wall hung basin. The glass basin will create the impression that it is floating. Just add an elegant faucet and your whole bathroom will undergo quite a transformation.

With all the bathroom basins to choose from, remodeling a small bathroom can be fun and enjoyable. This is an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity in creating the design that you want. After all, you will be the one using this bathroom often.




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